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Are Plastic-Free Beauty Products Just a Trend or the Wake Up Call We Need?

Is the “plastic-free beauty” trend simply a fad, or could it be just what we need to tackle one of the world's biggest issues? Anything that sounds good for the environment must be good, right? And yet, it's not as easy as it seems. We talk about the push for plastic-free beauty products and how you can make sure the products you buy adhere to your environmental values.

Assortment of plastic-free products for the bathroom, like natural brushes and cotton bads, with a sustainable net fabric bag

Soap vs. Shampoo Bar vs. Liquid Shampoo

From bars to bottles, there are many options available for getting your hair clean and conditioned. But which one is best for you and the planet? We explore the differences between soap, shampoo bars and liquid shampoos.

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