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Plastic-Free Containers for Soaps and Shampoo Bars

Our plas­tic-free stor­age so­lu­tions are per­fect for keep­ing your sham­poo bars and soaps dry in the show­er or on the go. They are de­signed to help your prod­ucts last longer by keep­ing them dry and pro­tect­ed from mois­ture, which can cause them to break down more quick­ly.

You'll nev­er have to strug­gle with the last few scraps of your favourite soap or sham­poo bar again. They're not only prac­ti­cal and func­tion­al, but also styl­ish and durable, so you can use them again and again. Whether you're look­ing for a con­tain­er for your dai­ly rou­tine, the gym or for trav­el, we have the per­fect op­tions to suit your needs.


Shampoo Bar Storage


Plastic-free case, made from plant-based materials. For travel and the shower.

Shampoo and Soap Bag


Exfoliating sisal shampoo and soap saver bag

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